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Albrecht Dürer

was a German painter, printmaker and philosopher born in 1471 in the city of Nuremberg. He established a reputation for remarkable work with high-quality woodcut prints. His reputation provided him with considerable influence throughout Europe. The ADSU is focused on stamps and other philatelic items that feature the work and life of this talented artist.

Albrecht Dürer was born on May 21, 1471, the third child and second son of Albrecht Dürer the Elder and Barbara Holper. Dürer’s parents had eighteen children in total. His father was a master goldsmith who had studied under his father-in-law.

Albrecht apprenticed with his father and with the local painter, Michael Wolgemut. Wolgemut’s workshop produced woodcut prints, exposing Dürer to the medium that he would elevate to an independent art form. His work revolutionized the art and became the foundation for early recognition as a Renaissance master.

Dürer had a great interest in the artistic trends and practices of the Italian artists of his time. Over two separate journeys he spend near three years engaged in the artistic scene of Italy. The influences can be seen in his use of Venetian color, his interest in the human form ands scientific treatment of perspective.

Dürer’s talent and ambition earned him a prominent place in German society. He worked as the court artist for Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and his successor Charles V. In Nuremberg, Dürer also came in contact with some of the most influential theologians and religious scholars of the day – all lending some degree of influence to the artist’s voluminous writings and letters.

About ADSU

The Albrecht Dürer Study Unit (ADSU) was founded in 1978 and reconstituted in 2020 as a non-profit organization devoted to furthering the study of the art and philately related to Albrecht Dürer. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the topic. The membership application is available for download here. 

ADSU produces a quarterly journal, The Dürer Journal, that is available to all current members. To view a sample of the journal, click here.

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Self-Portrait, 1498. Oil on panel.

The Artist

Born in 1471, Albrecht Dürer was a "supremely gifted and versatile German artist" of the Renaissance. He was a painter, draftsman, writer and, most importantly, a revolutionary printmaker.

By the age of thirty, Dürer had completed some of his most famous works but remained active and productive throughout the rest of his life. He is also noted for his extensive travels and his study of the work of the Italian masters of his day.

The Albrecht Dürer Study Unit explores the life and times of this master artist, especially through the philately that celebrates him and his works.

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The ADSU is a philatelic study unit of the American Topical Association and offers membership to any individual interested in the life and work of Albrecht Dürer. The members study and share Dürer’s work through stamps, covers, exhibits and other philatelic materials.

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Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the art of Albrecht Dürer and related philately. Membership dues are displayed below. Please complete the membership application by clicking here. The ADSU is a study unit of the American Topical Association.

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